Photo booth props

February 5, 2019

The photo booth props should complete the point

of having a photo booth hire.

If you are not sure what we are talking about think wigs / hats / glasses / masks that your guests wear when having their photos taken.  They should add that element of fun and are generally silly and outlandish.  Sometimes it can take a party a while to come alive.  English people are, after all, supposed to be reserved and, perhaps a little stiff.  So timing is important.  It generally takes a few drinks for your guests to relax and get into the spirit.  If you have a theme at your event – let us know!.  Props are included into basic price as standard.  Some companies do charge for extra props – we don’t happen to do so.

If you are having an open booth – don’t forget that you can now choose the background.  Don’t confuse this with Green screen backgrounds.  They are something else altogether.  Some people like to have the party in the background.  Other prefer to have a particular image.   We have a whole range of background images – please call to discuss with us.

Green screen is becoming more and more popular with event hosts, especially in the corporate world.  The idea is to capture your theme or brand onto every print that comes out. We usually brand the prints rather than the background to ensure it is visible and not blocked by the people in the photo booth itself.




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