Love in the photobooth

March 17, 2019

The photo booth may be the most romantic place in the party!  And these pictures showing the love in the photobooth – pictures just don’t lie!

Love in the photobooth

There can’t be anything more romantic than showing the love in the photobooth.  Whether it’s a wife and husband snatching a quick kiss.  Or besties.  Or just friends showing the love.

Love in the photobooth

Age isn’t an issue – it’s all about a photobooth with curtains, a little bit of privacy and an opportunity!  Nothing wrong with that – even better if the kids aren’t looking!

We love the idea of spreading the love.  And actually it doesn’t matter whether it’s one of our traditional booths.  Or an open booth, such as our Mirror.  Anywhere is fine by us.

As i said in that fantastic film – Love Actually.“If you look for it, I’ve got a sneaky feeling you’ll find that love actually is all around.”



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