Unlimited prints

February 14, 2019

What is “unlimited prints” and what does it mean for you?

Lots of companies offer prints – although some don’t.  As always, the proof is in the small writing.  For the majority of photo booth hire companies, prints either means two print outs per session.  Or “prints” sent in the following days – we think that means they’ll send the data files only.  We offer unlimited prints as standard in our Gold package

Prints on the night are absolutely the right way to go!  It’s instant feedback!  It’s fun for all concerned!  And if you don’t have prints on the night – why you might just as well be using your mobile phone!

For us, then, unlimited prints means just that.  Our booth butlers will print out a copy for each person who is in the picture – plus one extra for the photo album if required.  Take the image below – 4 people in the picture so 5 prints.  No questions, no quibbles.

Unlimited prints

Or this one – 7 people in the image so 8 prints (this was taken with our Mirror booth).Unlimited prints


It costs us more in the end, obviously, which means that we’ll never be the cheapest photo booth hire company – but then being the cheapest means cut corners somewhere and that’s not what we are about.



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