Weddings and photo booths

January 23, 2018

What is it about weddings and photo booths that they go so well together?

We’ve been providing photo booths for hire since 2011 and weddings are definitely our biggest market.  Including same sex marriages, possible since the 29th of March 2014, there were 252,222 marriages in England and Wales in 2014.  That’s over 4,800 every week.  People have birthdays all the time and a few are special – 18, 21, 30 and so on.  But nothing is quite as special as a wedding.

I guess it’s that “once in a lifetime” aspect to a wedding that makes weddings and photo booths such a natural fit.  It’s a new beginning, it’s a unique moment when 2 families come together to celebrate something very special.  And in celebrating they let their hair down and create unique moments.

The image of the generations all together …. New beginnings ….

The image below was taken at my nieces wedding.  My brother and I hadn’t spoken for years but a wedding and a photo booth brought us together.  If only for a short time.

That photo is one of my favourites for all the right reasons.

And that’s what’s so special about weddings and photo booths!  A wedding photographer will be there to do what they do best – slightly formalised, posed wedding photos.  They have their place – we’re not knocking them – but nothing beats dressing up and having fun!



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